Apple Stuff as observed via camera
by Tadd Torborg -- latest=TIGER

Apple Store pictures

thumb of west palm store
thumb of miami store
thumb of boca store
These are collections of photographs that I've taken at various Apple retail stores. I've been to several grand openings and am making photo essays of the various opening events as well as the stores I've visited after and before the openings. I'm trying to capture the locations and people as well as capturing the evolution of the Apple Store.
Feel free to copy these pictures. Please give me credit for anything that isn't defamatory.
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July 2, 2001
My first store, after 6 weeks of operation.
Tyson's Corner

Sept 1, 2001
My 2nd store, The Grand Opening of the Peabody, Massachusetts store
North Shore Mall

Sept 15, 2001
My 3rd store, The Grand Opening of the Tampa, Florida store.
International Plaza
This page set has the best photos of the store itself (although dated now). See the 2nd page for some good store layout and fixture pix. All of the stores (summer 2002) were 4500 square feet and had 99% identical layouts.

Oct 13, 2001
My 4th store, The Grand Opening of the Albany, New York store
CrossGates Mall

Oct 27, 2001
My 5th store, The Grand Opening of the West Hartford, Connecticut store
West Farms Mall

Nov 03, 2001
My 6th store, The Grand Opening of the Tice's Corner store in Woodcliff Lake, New Jersey.
Tice's Corner

Dec 08, 2001
My 7th store, The Grand Opening of the Palisades Center Mall store in Spring Valley, New York.
Palisades Center Mall

Dec 08, 2001
My 8th store, The Grand Opening of the Rockingham Mall store in Salem, New Hampshire.
Rockingham Mall

Dec 15, 2001
My 9th store, The Grand Opening of the Cambridgeside Galleria store, Cambridge MA.
Cambridgeside Galleria

Jun 22, 2002
My 10th store, The Grand Opening of the Short Hills Mall store in Short Hills, NJ.
Short Hills Mall

August, 2002
My 11th store, several months after it opened, I finally made it but didn't manage to upload the pix. I'd actually made plans to make it to this store for it's opening but had to cancel WHILE BOARDING THE AIRCRAFT due to a family emergency. Ah well.
No pix yet. I will get there this Christmas. I understand there is a new Apple policy that prohibits customers photographing the stores except during the opening day.

Oct 19, 2002
My 12th store, The Grand Opening of the Millenia Mall store in Orlando, Florida.
Millenia Mall

Dec 01, 2002
My 13th store. After we move to Orlando Jack, my wife and I took a road trip and stopped in at Wellington.
Wellington Green

Dec 01, 2002
My 14th store, We arrived at night. Miami is very pretty. The store was nice too.
The Falls

July 3, 2003
My 17th store, and the grand opening, of The Town Center store in Boca Raton Florida.
The Town Center